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Drinks you'll enjoy

All drinks are included

What France is famous for

We have a cave with over 500 bottles of French wines from throughout the region for you to enjoy in the truly French way.

GegraphicalGeographically located between the Loir valley and Bordeaux we can offer you some of the best Red wines produced. Rosé come from farther south near the French Riviera.

We also stock French  beers supplied by a local brewer.

In the hot summer we have a selection of thirst quenching soft drinks in the fridge…  just help yourself.

While sunbathing on a sunbed next to a crystal clear pool, banana fronds overhead and a pina colada or an ice cold Pimms in your hand you could be anywhere in the world.

What’s your cocktail?


We have a picnic every week at a site  close by where we all enjoy a BBQ and a drink.

Come and enjoy good camaraderie and a drink before a hearty dinner.