Why holiday at Le Moulin du Chemin?

Come to your home from home in rural France
Like a breath of fresh air

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Visitors arriving at Le Moulin du Chemin often refer to our home as a 'little bit of paradise'.

The idyllic region is remote yet easy to access. The countryside is sparsely-populated and it is rare to encounter other visitors. The peace and calm of the region is appealing - butterflies, birdsong, a babbling brook - pleasant little things among a wealth of treasured memories from your holiday.

The hosts' generosity of spirit is reflected by the superb hospitality that prevails at Le Moulin du Chemin.

Poignant holiday memories:

  • Friendship and stimulus sparked by the marvellous ambiance.
  • Gorgeous walking and superb cycling in lightly-populated, rolling countryside.
  • Idyllic peace and quiet in an unspoiled rural environment.
  • Very noteworthy cuisine and excellent wines.
  • Warmth of the hospitality.


"..... le Moulin lived up to, exceeded and surpassed its description ..... a wonderful week of calm in a world of pressure and stress....." - David & Ruth, West Wimbledon, UK


Other important reasons to choose a holiday at Le Moulin.

Returning guests say it all


A third of all reservations at Le Moulin du Chemin are either repeat bookings or com from recommendations by previous guests'. Undoubtedly an incredible rebooking rate.

It is difficult to find a more compelling recommendation than this to choose a holiday at Le Moulin du Chemin.

Guests' Reviews

"C'est magnifique" - Karen & Philip, Southport, Merseyside, UK

Holidays of Merit

Excellent Value in terms of time

Time is precious and doubtless your pursuits must be be mentally rewarding and pleasurable. The comments below are testimony to the fact holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin is marvellous on all counts.

Absolutely fantastic, we’ve never experienced anything like it.! Great food, great wines and great hosts.” Ann & Jools, UK

This has been our best holiday ever. Format is terrific and homeowners are superb hosts.” James & Jeanette, Australia

“A very different experience and one that will linger long in the mind. Exceptional hospitality and warmth.” Rod & Maureen, Wolverhampton, UK

A terrific week, made so enjoyable by the excellent hosts. The food, wine and ambiance of Le Moulin du Chemin made it a very memorable holiday, along with the good company and charming walks.” – Gabreilla & Brian, San Isidro, Lima, Peru

“We have never known such impeccable and generous hospitality.” – Alan & Pam, Woking, Surrey, UK

Excellent Value (in terms of money)

Compared with other similar calibre holidays holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin cost a lot less.

Holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin are family-operated to high professional standards, but without the considerable mandatory overheads incurred by hotels. The savings are passed on to you by our attractive tariffs.

Compare for yourself prices for holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin with other holidays in the same league, keeping in mind that the prices for holidays at le Moulin are all inclusive - particularly in respect of the cost of all meals and drinks.

"What a unique place and a special interpretation of "all inclusive" - thank you so much for including everything we needed for a lovely holiday: gorgeous food, great wines, beautiful peaceful surroundings, traffic-free walking, excellent company and even the sun! A biento indeed!" - Annabel & Alan, Aylesbury, UK

No Hidden Extras

No incidental extra costs. The first inkling of how expensive a holiday was in reality is often from subsequent bank statements. At Le Moulin du Chemin, everything is included in the reasonable tariff.

All meals, as well as copious quantities of excellent wine are all included in the price. The guests' drinks fridge is available 24/7 – help yourself to a comprehensive stock of drinks, there is no extra charge. Internet access is free.

"Little things like a fantastic bed, perfect pillows as well as super well thought-out menus and great wines made it a holiday of a lifetime." - Wal & Jane - Cumbria, UK

Single centre holidays offer many benefits

The advantages of choosing a holiday based at a single hotel are numerous, relative to more-traditional walking and cycling holidays with hotel-to-hotel itineraries. The same advantages apply with respect to le Moulin's other holiday pursuits, such as wellbeing, birdwatching, horse riding, as well as simply just relaxing.

“… toujours aubergiste première classe.“ - Duncan, Montreal, Canada

Less Stressful

Guests unpack at the beginning and repack at the end of their centre-based holiday. That is the sum of packing for the holiday at Le Moulin du Chemin.

The tiresome daily chore of repacking and unpacking necessitated by a hotel-to-hotel itinerary is avoided. And there's no stress about finding the route to the next hotel.

".... a 'little piece of Paraside' dropped into rural France." - Pat & Brian, Denham, UK

Less 'Touristy'

To pause in life and to spend a number of days in one locality allows an individual to become better acquainted with the countryside and with the friendly local people.

Guests at Le Moulin du Chemin are seen as part of the local cultural fabric – compared with the mere mild intrest shown by local people with respect of passing tourists.

"Six Stars - people and place - great fun" - Jim & Clara Edinburgh, UK/Vrosdirten, NL

More Variety

Well-meaning chefs on hotel-to-hotel walking or cycling holidays – working to budgets set by holiday organisers – are likely to offer meals where the regional speciality plays a big part. Hotel-to-hotel holidays generally do not pass between regions. The same regional speciality each day can become tiresome.

Each evening le Moulin's superb cuisine provides varied enticing starters, different main dishes, an array of cheeses followed by one of famous puddings. To say nothing of the different excellent-quality wines of character from Le Moulin's Cellar, served with each evening meal, in abundance.

"Great hosts, scenic walking, good company! what more could one want?" - Andrew & Isobella, Amersham, UK

More Versatility

If the weather is less than perfect (mon Dieu!) you are not compelled to walk in the rain to the next hotel, or to cheat and take a taxi! There are plenty of local places of historic, cultural and natural interest to visit instead, or play an indoor game at le Moulin, or simply curl up and read a book until the weather brightens.

In case fatigue, there is no obligation to walk to the next hotel. The length of walks at le Moulin can be tailored to suit your needs (shorter, or, if you wish longer). Adapting walking distances is obviously precluded on a walk from one hotel to another. Alternatively, you can have a lazy day by the pool or visit a place of interest.

Le Moulin is ideal for parties with a non-walking or non-cycling member, who can follow one of several a different holiday pursuits at le Moulin, or just 'potter' around.

"....excellent hosts, 'we really felt like guests in your home'." - Helen & Mark Frith, UK

More Amicable

Each day the lively four-course evening meal at Le Moulin du Chemin excels with excellent food, superb wine, animated conversation, great bonhomie and a remarkable ambiance.

Harmonious integration of guests and hosts is assured by a different table-seating plan each evening (with guests’ permission). The seating plans are thoughtfully prepared.

"Wonderful Holiday - superb hospitality and good company every day!....." Mike & Janet, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

A far cry from evening meals in a hotel resturant which can be relatively isolated - as a couple or on one's own - even in the most inviting restaurants.

"Outstanding hospitality, humour and warmth. Thank you." - Steve & Jane, Madison, WI, USA

Lovely Environment

Detailed Information

Please contact us if you have any queries about holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin.