Road bike holidays

Challenging, exhilarating, interesting and varied


Gem of a holiday and a reasonable price

  • Based at a great little Maison d'Hôte in western France
  • Excellent road surfaces, hardly any traffic and polite drivers
  • Challenging routes on little-used country lanes
  • Routes in GPX format
  • Route-cards and highlighted maps
  • Friendly support, advice and information
  • Secure bike store
  • Bike washing and workshop facilities
  • Lycra washing and drying facilities
  • Idyllic, remote, undiscovered and yet easily accessible
  • Absolutely everything during your stay is included, particularly all meals and drinks are covered.

"Fabulous roads in great condition, some of the best cycling ever! Super-warm welcome and great hospitality. Very special." - Steve, Simon & John, Herts & Cambs, UK



First class breakfasts comprise delicious crusty French bread and coissants fresh from the boulangerie each morning, with sweet local butter, creamy local honey, home made confitures and fresh coffee, tea or a tisane. Muesli, cereal flakes, dried fruit, yogurt (prepared on the premises) and seasonal fresh fruits are also provided.



Generous baguette sandwiches, a different filling each day, together with seasonal fresh fruit, dried fruit, chocolate, individual cakes and biscuits as well as drinks of your choice. Packed lunches can be carried with you or consumed or back at Le Moulin du Chemin.

"Absolutely fabulous! Thank you for a lovely holiday." - Carol Mottram, Hyde, UK

Evening Meal


Each evening, apéritifs-at-seven are followed by a leisurely and lively four-course evening meal excelling with brilliant food, plenty of excellent wine, a lot of animated conversation, great bonhomie and a marvellous ambiance. Guests and hosts participate together in the en famille evening meals.

Recommended Cycle Circuits

Follow our circuits or go as the whim takes you! All the suggested circuits start and finish at le Moulin, each taking you into a different sector of the countryside.

Day 1 - Sunday afternoon

"Wonderful company, food and challenging biking." - Pat & Inge, Boulder, Colorado, USA

Local Circuit

Orientation tour through Neuvy-Bouin and Chapelle-aux-Lys – some good hills to stretch the muscles after your journey and downhill sections to wake you up.

60km/37miles - total ascent 941m/3,107ft

Day 2 - Monday

"..... a wonderful week of hospitality and road biking." - John, Queensland, Australia

Fôret-sur-Sèvre Circuit - North

Herisson (the navel of the world) and the Fôret-sur-Sèvre. Hilly to start with, hilly in the middle and hilly at the end.

88km/53miles - total ascent 1,271m/4,170ft

Day 3 - Tuesday

"A fantastic week of road biking .... beautiful countryside ..... to justify Peter's fine wines and Carolynn's marvellous cooking" - Aberdare, Wales, UK

Vouvant and Mervant Forest Circuit - West

Out via medieval village of Vouvant, across to the west of Route de Fontenay and back through the majestic Mervent Forest. Quite arduous.

72km/43miles - total ascent 1,195m/3,920ft

Day 4 - Wednesday

"Bike rides with butterflies and birdsong, great food, wine and company. A lovely relaxing time." - Mary, Tooting, London, UK

Le Beugnon - Picnic Circuit

Meet your hosts and other guests to enjoy a civilised picnic lunch (tables with table cloths) beside the fishing lake. A shorter ride for mid-week with some fairly challenging hills.

28km/17miles - total ascent 514m/1,686ft

Day 5 - Thursday

"Wonderful in every way! Excellent food, wine and company. Enjoyed the well thought-out rides. Now really chilled." - Alison & Garry, Northants, UK

Ste-Ouenne Circuit - East

After a comparative rest on Wednesday , this is a tough ride but it can be very enjoyable.

70km/42miles - total ascent 1,401m/4,597ft

Day 6 - Friday

".... great food, great company ..... lovely selection of wines. Particularly loved the cycling in the Marais Poitevin." - Neil & Lucille, Fort Saskatechewan, AB, Canada

Marais Poitevin Circuit - South

The longest although the least hilly of all the rides, with plenty of interesting places to stop-off and have a look on the last day.

107km/59miles - total ascent 1,141m/3,743ft

Statistical Comparison

"A beautiful week, wonderful cycling, excellent food, company and ambiance. ......" - Laura, CT, USA

  • Total distance for the six proposed rides = 425km/255miles.
  • Total ascent for the six proposed rides = 6,463m/21,205feet.
  • The total ascent is equivalent to five times the famed Col de Tourmalet.
  • If you don't want to suffer so much pain, less arduous options are available!

"While we wore our lycra for biking,

Most hit the roads for hiking,

And while Peter poured wine,

Max's playing was divine,

And Carolynn's cooking was most to our liking."

- Fred & Julie, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


General Information


  • Hundreds of kilometres of undulating lanes at le Moulin’s doorstep.
  • Very little traffic, even the main roads are relatively empty.
  • Routes are available in GPX format - contact us.


  • Route-cards and highlighted maps are also provided.
  • Sarah is available for support and advice.
  • Distances can be tailored to suit you - tell us what distance you want and how challenging.

Route Cards

A personalised dossier is provided for road bike guests on arrival at Le Moulin du Chemin.

The dossier includes sets route cards and highlighted maps relating to the routes proposed for the week.

Route cards are about 11 cm wide so they easily slip in and out of the back pocket of cyclists shirts. The route cards are laminated in plastic.

Information on the route cards is the minimum compatible with you not getting lost - therefore easier to follow.

Follow link to see an example of a typical route-card.

example route card


Highlighted route maps are prepared on plastic-laminated A4 sheets that can fit into handlebar mounted mapholders, if required. Mapholders can be provided if necessary.

Route maps have been prepared using software obtained from IGN – the French official mapmaker.

An example of a typical highlighted route map is reproduced below.

example map

Original IGN printed folding maps of the region are available at Le Moulin du Chemin for reference.


GPX Files

GPX files in respect of each of Le Moulin du Chemin's cycle circuits are available.  Please contact us.

Extra hill circuits


The six Extra Hill Circuits from Le Moulin du Chemin have been selected specifically because of the hills – hills are for riding up, right!  Varying from 6.5km to 40km in length with ascents of up to 170m and a maximum gradient of 10%. These are supplementary to the circuits proposed for each day, so you can take your pick!

The table below gives details of the Extra Hill Circuits

schedule of extra hill circuits


Similarly to the main proposed Cycle Circuits, the Extra Hill Circuits are available in GPX format, on laminated route-cards and accompanied by highlighted maps.

The elevation at Le Moulin du Chemin (the start and finish point of all the circuits) is 137m above sea level, measured on the footbridge by the ford that crosses the stream.

Cycling from Le Moulin du Chemin is invigorating. The two country lanes leading out of le Moulin's valley reach level ground after a little over 1km, each with climbs of around 60m.

More About The Holidays

The buttons give further information about other aspects of the holiday, such as accommodation, facilities, hospitality, ambiance, etc. We hope that these meet with your approval.

Detailed Information

Please feel free to contact us with availability enquiries or for other information about holidays at le Moulin du Chemim. We will be delighted to hear from you.