Hospitality and ambiance

"Great hosts and a winning formula" - James & Jeanette, USA

Moulin Celebrated Holidays

“… the perfect hosts ...warm hospitality ... and kindness, generosity and wonderful company. – Gabriella, Glendore, South Australia

Holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin are celebrated for great food, excellent wines, lively conversation, remarkable bonhomie and a marvellous ambiance.

Proprietor Sarah who has the natural gift of generous hospitality.

The remarkable ambiance of the holidays is a by-product of the mix of people who visit Le Moulin du Chemin.

Great hospitality and a marvellous ambiance are the foundations of Moulin Celebrated Holidays.

a unique place ... gorgeous food, great winespeaceful surroundings ... excellent company and the sun. A bientôt indeed! – Annabel & Alan, Aylesbury, UK



Food ingredients at Le Moulin du Chemin are as far as practically possible fresh, locally sourced and ethically produced. All dishes are expertly and appealingly prepared on the premises or occasionally by known and respected local artisan butchers and bakers.

"..... absolutely fantastic, we've never experienced anything like it - great food, great wines and great hosts." Anne & Jools, UK

Breakfasts and evening meals are generally served in the dining room at Le Moulin du Chemin. Packed lunches are provided during breakfast time and can be consumed while out walking, cycling or visiting places of interest, or back at Le Moulin du Chemin beside the pool or in the shade of the pergola.

Exceptions are the civilised picnic on Wednesdays - where all the guests are invited to pre-arranged picnic remote from Le Moulin du Chemin - and the barbeque on Friday evenings at Le Moulin du Chemin.

“We loved ... the wonderful delicious dinners, the wine ... great dinner conversation and the humour and friendliness...” – Isobel & John, Colorado, USA

Typical MEAL Menu

A Holiday Gem


"What a gem of a place! ..... wonderful hosts, food great and oh, that wine ....." Nardene & Kieth, Sydney, Australia

Delicious breakfasts are in the sunny dining room where the brilliant morning sun streams in .

During the days walking, cycling or just-being in the idyllic natural surroundings of Le Moulin du Chemin is simply delightful.

Leisurely evening meals excelling with brilliant food, plenty of superb wine, lively conversation, great bonhomie and a marvellous ambiance is another appealing holiday-feature. To ensure everybody’s comfort and wellbeing, a different table-seating plan is proposed each day.

“... hospitality personified ! …” - Maggie & John, UK


Located between Bordeaux (200km south) with the Loire Valley and Anjou Regions (100km north) and the burgeoning Fiefs Vendéen (from 40km west to the Atlantic coast), Le Moulin du Chemin is well placed to supply a wide variety of excellent quality local wines of great character and standing.

A selection of more than twelve first-class local wines are served during a six-night holiday.

Many of the wines are made according to traditional skills at family owned and operated vineyards.

All wines and other beverages are included in the Holiday Price

Le Moulin du Chemin’s Wine List is testimony to the excellence of the wines provided.

“… loved every minute ….. in particular, the gourmet food and wine ...” – Theresa, Victoria, Australia

Typical Wine Inventory


Other Drinks

A comprehensively stocked drinks fridge is available to guests 24/7. Tea and coffee facilities are also provided in each guest room.


“… a fantastic venue and atmosphere for a joyous holiday …” – Sue & Bob, Penrith, UK


“... the veggie food has inspired me to try new things, the food is top notch!” – Tom & Jan, Penrith, UK

Le Moulin du Chemin is proud to have served diverse and exciting vegetarian cuisine to appreciative vegetarian guests for more than twenty-five years.

The vegetarianism ethos was refined to new levels by the knowledge Janie, a former-resident at Le Moulin du Chemin during a dozen years and responsible for all things equestrian. Since childhood, vegetarianism was Janie's culture - her parents were both dedicated vegetarians. During another part of her life, for ten years Janie successfully managed restaurants for Cranks, a well known London vegetarian chain, including the (then) flagship Covent Garden restaurant. Sarah et Vincent Peacocke remain in touch with Janie.

"..... Special thanks for the delicious vegetarian dinners and packed lunches ...." - Nigel & Julie, Oxfordshire, UK

Sarah et Vincent Peacocke are pleased to offer a delicious Vegetarian Menu comprising different, varied and interesting dishes for each day of your holiday at Le Moulin du Chemin.

"... the first time (we) had six consecutive different vegetarian meals whilst on holiday..." - Chris & Phil, Warwickshire, UK

Typical Vegetarian Menu

Please feel free to contact us for further information or clarifications about anything vegetarian (or anything else) at Le Moulin du Chemin. (Email and Contact Form links are provided at the foot of this page).

Vegetarians are kindly requested to specify this at time of booking.


“… more like a house party with friends ... we were blown away with the peace and beauty of Le Moulin du Chemin.” – Christine & Bill, UK

It is often commented that holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin have a marvellous ambiance. The following theories may help to explain this.

“A wonderful staypeace, tranquillity and pampering. Thank so much for making our stay so special … you are excellent hosts and we really felt like guests in your home.” – Helen & Mark, UK

Many guests choose Le Moulin du Chemin because of the strong holiday ethos. In that case, it can be said that many guests at Le Moulin du Chemin share a similar preference. Holding similar viewpoints is a recipe for getting along together. Getting along together is undoubtedly necessary for producing a marvellous ambiance.

Stress is reduced by being on holiday. Less stress results in an improved sense of wellbeing. This factor means that people on holiday tend to be more tolerant towards each other. Tolerance between individuals helps to produce a marvellous ambiance.

Six Stars place and people great fun.” – Jim and Clara, Edinburgh, UK and Vrosdirten, NL

The marvellous ambiance at Le Moulin du Chemin is sustained by the hosts’ unobtrusive attention to detail and generosity of spirit.

Hospitality Agenda

"..... fabulous, great hospitality! ..... splendid set up ..... works like clockwork ....." - Graeme & Fiona, Kent, UK

Hospitality at Le Moulin du Chemin is hallmarked by the hosts’ generosity of spirit and the delightful ambiance which prevails. The daily program in respect of the food and drinks aspects of hospitality during a six-night holiday is as follows.

“..... an exquisite experience in every respect ..…” – Keeley, Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA

Buffet breakfast comprises crusty French bread and croissants - brought fresh from the boulangerie early each morning - delicious local butter and honey with steaming hot coffee, tea, chocolate or tisane.

Home-made conserves, muesli, cereal flakes, dried fruits, natural yogurt (also prepared on the premises) and flavoured yoghurts are provided as well as a generous selection of seasonal fresh fruits and walnuts.

"As escapism goes, it doesn't get much better ...." David Thorpe, Eastern Daily Press, UK

Packed Lunch – half a baguette fresh from the boulangerie, prepared at Le Moulin du Chemin with a different filling each day. Ingredients are flavourful, fresh and nutritionally well-balanced.

To accompany the picnic lunch guests are invited to choose from a plentiful selection of seasonal fresh fruit and individually packaged items such as cakes, cereal bars and chocolate bars as well as drinks from the comprehensively stocked 24/7 guests’ fridge.

“… a special place in France – with amazing hospitality ...” – Mary, London, UK

"What a fantastic week. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, your welcome and the good planning." Peta & Tony, Louth, Lincs, UK

Guests are invited to a Civilised Picnic Lunch (ie with tables and tablecloths) beside the peaceful fishing lakes at le Beugnon, usually on a Wednesday.

The picnic typically comprises different types of freshly baked baguettes, eggs from le Moulin's free-range chickens, artisanal pâtés, various French cheeses and well-chilled rosé wine – often a deliciously pleasant Cabernet d'Anjou – followed by a light desert, fruit, coffee, tea or tisane.

"Magnifique!" - Mary & Richard, Vancouver, Canada

“... you have created an atmosphere which makes everybody feel welcome.” – Kate, Blackheath, UK

Guests are welcomed for Apéritifs-at-Seven, under the pergola or beside the pool. Crémant de Loire is served on the first evening with other different local white wine on subsequent evenings.

As an accompaniment to the apéritifs, Appetisers are served. These can include various types of nuts, olives, anchovies, gherkins, saucisson, etc.

"..... apéritifs and evening meals were star events." - Michael & Diana, St Albans, UK

The main culinary event each day is the leisurely and lively four-course Evening Meal, in which guests and hosts participate at a single long table (pre-corona virus and – we trust – post-coronavirus). A different seating plan is proposed daily to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of each guest.

Menus at Le Moulin du Chemin are subject to constant innovation and according to seasonal availability. The attached Typical Menu gives a good idea of the interesting fare to expect.

The meal is hallmarked by excellent food, plenty of superb wine, animation conversation, great bonhomie and a marvellous ambiance.

“... We hugely enjoyed the good company and long conversations around the dining table – an added dimension to a winning formula! – Mr Lampet

A Barbeque is prepared on Le Moulin du Chemin’s spectacular log burning barbeque, generally on Friday evenings.

Thick marinated fillets of ducks’ breast are often the speciality at the barbeque, with boudin noir and other types of locally produced sausages.

Different types of attractively dressed green salads and bean and/or lentil salads are also on the menu as well as vegetable brouchette.

Apéritifs on barbeque evenings are often accompanied by delicately flavoured slices of barbequed boudin blanc, Charente Cantaloupe melon (in season), as well the types of appetizers mentioned above. The barbeque aperitif wine is often the ever-popular Muscadet-sur-lie – nicely chilled.

"Merci pour un bon séjour. Magnifique." Anne & Alan, UK

As decribed above, Le Moulin du Chemin has proud tradition of superb Vegetarian Cuisine (as well as marvellous regular cusine).

The types of vegetarian food served at Le Moulin du Chemin are indicated in the Typical Vegetarian Menu - the menu is subject to continual innovation and seasonal variations.

"Paradise gained! (rationed to one glorious week!)" - John, West Australia

Further information about vegetarian cuisine at Le Moulin du Chemin is provided under the heading Vegetarian above.




Lovely Environment

Detailed Information

Please do not hesitate to contact us with availability enquiries or for other information about holidays at le Moulin du Chemim.

We will be delighted to hear from you.