Cycling holidays

Appealingly off the tourist trail

"A Cycling holiday gem"

As well as exceptional cycling – this part of France is a cyclists’ paradise – holidays at Le Moulin du Chemin are notable for superb food and wonderful wine, great bonhomie, excellent accommodation and facilities and a reasonable price.

Fully equipped bikes are provided. Electric bikes are also available.

GPX files of each of the routes are available.

High-lighted maps and route notes are also provided. The bikes have handlebar mounted holders for maps and route notes.

Guest capacity at Le Moulin du Chemin is limited to 12 guests.

"A beautiful week, wonderful cycling, excellent food and company and ambiance....." - Laura, CT, USA

Perfect Cycling Conditions


  • Hundreds of miles of undulating country lanes are directly accessible from Le Moulin du Chemin.
  • There is very little traffic – of the few vehicles you will meet, drivers are usually considerate.
  • The countryside is varied and interesting and the terrain is invigorating.
  • Road surfacing, even on very minor lanes is generally excellent.

The circuits are intended to suit reasonably fit cyclists.

"An excellent ..... cycling holiday! Lovely food for much needed energy and beautiful surroundings....." - John & Kerry, UK

Recommended Circuits

Day 1 - Sunday afternoon

"Fabulous roads in great condition. Some of the best cycling ever! Super warm welcome and great hospitality. Very special! Thank you." - Steve, Simon & John, Herts & Cambs, UK

La Faziliére

A short ride after your journey to stretch your legs and get to know the area. Gently undulating route on winding country lanes with nice views of the bocage. The ride passes an interesting restored working windmill, open to the public on Sunday afternoons.

Moderate Ride - 16km/10miles


Le Pignon West

An exhilarating, partially waymarked circuit via the villages of Scillé and la Chapelle-Thireuil – a good route for beginning to become acquainted with the region.

Moderate/Challenging Ride - 18km/11miles

Day 2 - Monday

"Thanks for the wonderful relaxing week. Cycling was great fun and loved the pool. ...." - Mike & Sheila, Wrexham, UK

Le Petit Pignon East

Via the villages of le Beugnon, Fenioux and la Chapelle-Thireuil with some lovely rolling hills. The circuit is partially waymarked.

Moderate Ride - 27km/16miles


Roof of the World

Local tour, taking-in several interesting villages and also the magical Rocher Branlant. In the first few kilometres the elevation increases by 100m. Guests display satisfaction on completing this ride.

Moderate/Challenging Ride - 43km/26miles

Day 3 - Tuesday

".... lovely holiday. Wonderful food and drink, Beautiful cycle routes. We'll be back!" - Les & Suzanne, Banstead, UK


A traditional country-produce market. The route there is on little-used country lanes, and fairly direct (the market starts to close at noon). There are shorter or longer return options, meandering through idyllic countryside.

Moderate Ride - 40km/23miles or 32km/19miles



Winding lanes through pastures and woods, past hamlets and high places, lead to the attractive village of l’Absie with cafes, banks, pharmacy, mini supermarket, etc.

Moderate/Challenging Ride - 16km/10miles


Le Pignon East

A partially waymarked circuit via le Beugnon, Fenioux and la Chapell-Thireuil with some challenging hills in the east.

Challenging Ride - 31km/18miles

Day 4 - Wednesday

"A wonderful week cycling ..... truely idyllic setting ..... superb hosts ....." - John & Pam, Norwell, Newark, UK

Le Beugnon Lakes Picnic (shorter)

Your hosts meet you and other guests at le Moulin du Chemin for a "posh" picnic with tablecloth, delicious chilled rosé and dappled sunlight under the trees. Winding lanes, wooded paths and a lovely view from the newly restored and working windmill.

Moderate Ride - 19km/11miles


Le Beugnon Lakes Picnic (longer)

An alternative picnic route passing the village of l’Absie with cafes, banks, pharmacy, mini supermarket etc.

Moderate/Challenging Ride - 35km/21miles

Day 5 - Thursday

"Wonderful in every way! Excellent food, wine and company. Enjoyed the well thought-out rides. Now really chilled." - Alison & Garry, Northants, UK

Feymoreau Mines

Local ride to the erstwhile mining village with an excellent exhibition, stunning modern stained glass windows and interesting village features.

Moderate Ride - 31km/19miles


Le Petit Pignon

Mostly waymarked circuit via Scille, la Chapelle-Thireuil, Fenouix and le Beugnon. Some of the villages have bars and WCs.

Moderate/Challenging Ride - 31km/19miles

Day 6 - Friday

"Lovely week! Lots of very beautiful and calming cycling and empty lanes - things to see, places to stop. Fantastic evening meals and wine..... - David & Charlotte, London, UK.

La Rocher Branlant

Visiting the valley of le Rocher Branlant, with easy detours to the village of l'Absie, les Rocher Bousignolles and the picturesque hamlet of les Jinchères.

Moderate Ride 24km/14miles


Le Grand Pignon

Mostly waymarked circuit via Scille, la Chapelle-Thireuil, Fenouix and le Beugnon and including some challenging hills in the east.

Moderate/Challenging Ride - 34km/20miles

Self Guided Cycling


  • Each circuit starts and finishes at Le Moulin du Chemin.
  • GPX files of the routes can be downloaded.
  • Sets of high-lighted maps and clear route-notes for each circuit are also provided in a personalised dossier.
  • Sarah et Vincent Peacocke will help you chose the rides best suited to you, if you wish.

"..... picturesque cycle rides around quiet lanes." - John & Margaret, Stourbridge, UK


  • Circuits can be shortened or lengthened to suit you.
  • If you prefer independence you can decide your own routes.
  • The region has a wide variety of terrains and numerous interesting features.
  • Fully equipped touring cycles, bike-bags, helmets, maps, directions and friendly advice provided.

"Spectacular .... a fantastic week, wonderful company, great food, super cycling ....." Arlene, New York, NY, USA


Sets of high-lighted route maps are provided in respect of each separate cycle route. The maps are conveniently scaled and printed on A4 laminated sheets to suit the handlebar map holders on the bikes provided. A single sheet, small-scale map is also supplied, to give a genaral overview in respect of route.

The maps are made with IGN software (IGN is the French official equivalent to the British Ordinance Survey).

"Wonderful company, food and challenging biking" - Pat & Inge, Bouler Colorado, USA

If you prefer to explore independently, the relevant printed folding IGN 1:25000 maps are available for reference, as well as friendly advice if required.

high-lighted map (example)

Route notes

The example is typical of route notes provided by Le Moulin du Chemin. The example given is the outgoing route to the destination.
The route notes are printed on A4 laminated sheets and fit into handlebar holders on the bikes provided.

route notes (example)

" rides with butterflies and birdsong -- great food, wine and company. A lovely relaxing time....." - Mark, Tooting, London, UK

"A really lovely week with amazing weather, fun people.....our ninth year of cycling (at Le Moulin du Chemin)....." - John & Elaine, Chester, UK


GPX Files

GPX files in respect of each of Le Moulin du Chemin's cycle circuits are available. Please contact us.

Idyllic Environment

More About The Holidays

Further info is provided below for you to check the accommodation, facilities, hospitality and ambiance as well as and other reasons for choosing a Cycling Holiday at Le Moulin du Chemin.

Detailed Information

Please feel free to contact us with availability enquiries or for other information about holidays at le Moulin du Chemim. We will be delighted to hear from you.