Dark sky opportunities

Be enthralled by the supreme brilliance of our galaxy, the milky way.

There is virtually no light pollution as little as three-hundred metres from the buildings at Le Moulin du Chemin. On a cloudless night with no moon, wait for three hours after sunset and you will be spellbound by brilliance of the vast arc of a myriad stars horizon to horizon.

It is surprising how many folks have never been enchanted and awe-inspired by the Milky Way. If you haven't already seen it, it is highly recommended.

Linger, gazing skywards and you will see shooting stars at the rate of about one every twenty minutes

The silver light of a moonlit night is also enchanting. It can best be seen in a region of low light-pollution, preferably around full moon.


The fabulous background picture is attributed to NASA -- image 611571main_2012_darkrift-orig_full.jpg. We show only a tiny part of the edge of it The contrasts at the centre of the image are too great to allow readable text to be superimposed.